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**#1 BESTSELLER!!!** Hunter Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

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Our special rBGH-free grass-fed whey is finally here! After 18 months of painstaking research and development, our delicious protein powder is ready to be a staple in your food plan. Hunter Labs Grass-Fed Whey is guaranteed to:

  • Come from all-natural, grass-fed cows whey free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics
  • It had to 100% Free of any GMO corn, soy, or anything not made by nature.
  • It must be cold processed and NOT heat or acid treated
  • We demanded it to sweetened naturally and  NOT with artificial sweeteners like they put in diet Coke, that many experts believe makes fat.
  • It had to be easy to digest so you don’t feel like you swallowed a basketball after you drink it.
  • Absolutely… positively no soy would be allowed in our mix.

For a limited time, all Grass-Fed Whey orders will come with a FREE copy of our 2 Minute Power Smoothies recipe book! Details are on the order page — click below to add Grass-Fed Whey to your cart:

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1bottleT+ is a natural, non-hormonal, medical doctor formulated dietary supplement that signals your body to make more testosterone on its own. It does this by using a safe and clinically tested  blend of nutrients and herbs that have been shown to help reduce heightened estrogen levels and increase natural testosterone production by as much as 347% in 12. hours! 

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The Original 4 Minute Abs


The Original 4 Minute Abs

The 8 week plan to building your best body ever in just 4 minutes a day! More effective than running 20 miles a week! No calorie counting. No feeling hungry. Risk-Free 30 Day money-back guarantee. One-time charge – no recurring payments. FREE report “3 SuperFoods That KILL Fat!” (report retails $37) included at no cost! One-time payment of just $47

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Caught on Tape DVD



DVD of The Original 4 Minute Abs Exercises and Timing Sequences

Turbo-charge your fat burning results with this ultimate upgrade to the 4 Minute Abs program! In this exciting DVD you’ll get a front-row seat in my gym and see first hand how to perform the 4 Minute Abs exercises in perfect form, resulting in maximum fat loss in the least amount of time! After watching this DVD you’ll know what you need to do and exactly how to do it – giving you the peace of mind that you aren’t doing anything wrong when you get started. One-time payment of just $49

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myomagicThe Myofascial Magic Complete Program

This program shows you how to get rid of all aches and pains in your joints and muscles in just 60 seconds – without a prescription! This amazing scientific breakthrough unlocks stiff joints, melts muscle tension and instantly skyrockets flexibility, without painful stretching or addictive prescription drugs! Special bonuses in this package include our top-selling Eliminating Shoulder Pain DVD set along with a top-quality myofascial cylinder (together those bonuses are worth $188!) all put together in this incredible package for the ridiculously low one-time price of just $69.95 (plus shipping)! This life-changing program is backed by our 3 month, no questions asked full money back guarantee.

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The 90 Minute No Starvation Diet

The 90 Minute ‘No Starvation’ Diet Secret

Now I have to admit, this is not the most fun diet in the world… but when you desperately need to lose weight EXTREMELY FAST for a wedding, job interview, picture, reunion or just want to impress someone who hasn’t seen you in a while — this breakthrough no-starvation diet will get you there faster than anything else! Yours for just $22.00!

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ropes-packageHunter Fitness Ultimate Fat-Blasting Training Ropes

Our most popular piece of workout equipment that will help you get ripped faster than anything else on the market! Our premium ropes are custom-made for Hunter Fitness and are backed by our unlimited lifetime guarantee. These ropes will challenge you like nothing you’ve ever tried before – and get you in the absolute best shape of your life faster than anything else! $197 (plus shipping) Includes The Ultimate Fat Blasting Rope Workout DVD and custom storage/carrying bag for rope.

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ropesDVDHunter Fitness Ultimate Fat-Blasting Training DVD (DVD only)

For those you who already have a set of training ropes, we’re offering our exclusive Ultimate Fat Blasting Rope Workout DVD for the discount price of just $21 (not including shipping)

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The Testosterone Secret

The Testosterone Secret DVD

This incredible DVD reveals 4 simple movements guaranteed to trigger the body to release massive amounts of anabolic testosterone and anti-aging growth hormone naturally – no pills, injections or drugs needed! Anyone of any age can perform these proven ‘triggers’ that can help balance hormones naturally as well as allowing the body to release stubborn fat, quicker than ever!  One-time payment of just $67 (plus shipping)

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Fast Food Cheat Sheet

The 4 Minute Abs Fast Food ‘Cheat Sheet’

This report has been flying off the shelves since day 1! Since most people have to rely on fast food for at least a few of their meals each week, we’ve made it easy to choose the best foods possible from the top fast food restaurants in the country. You can eat fast food and still lose weight and get in the best shape of your life – if you know what to choose! Some of the biggest names in the fitness industry today indulge in fast food, and you’ll be amazed when you see exactly how easily you can work it right into your 4 Minute Abs program!  One-time payment of just $21

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ironmanThe Ironman Suspension Training System

What if you want more than just to maintain the muscles you already have? What if you’re one of the select few 3% of super achievers who want to take your body to next level – regardless of your age – and pack on rock-hard, chiseled muscles that will give you the power to physically outperform and embarrass guys half your age? If that sounds like you, then you need to get your hands on the brand NEW Hunter Fitness “Iron Man” Suspension Training System today! The “Iron Man” Suspension Training System is scientifically tested and proven to turbo charge lean muscle growth , boost testosterone and take inches of your waist by using nothing more than your own bodyweight as resistance. Complete package includes premium quality suspension straps, door anchors, instructional DVD and ‘Metabolic Incinerators’ workout charts. Our E-Z payment plan lets you scoop this up for just $97 today and the final $97 in 30 days.

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 **BRAND NEW!!**

The Big Guns Power Flex SystemThe Big Guns Power Flex System

Thanks to the new Big Guns Secret Power Flex System, it’s now possible to pack on rock hard, tightly defined muscles to your arms and drastically change your appearance without having to spend years in the gym or wreck your joints with heavy weights and cumbersome dumbbells. The secret is the Big Guns’ accommodating resistance technology and specific timing intervals (crucial!) proven to activate up to 30% more muscle, enable a full range of muscle-building resistance and immediately trigger rapid muscle gains in a way that would be impossible to do with weights or machines.

Best of all… it doesn’t matter if you are a small guy with stringy muscles or a big guy with no muscle definition… or if you’re out of shape or have very little muscle. The Big Guns Power Flex System will get you noticeable results in just 30 days or it’s FREE!
One-time only payment of $97

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The Big Guns Secret Power Flex Training System DVD (DVD only)

For those of you who already have a set of resistance bands, we’re offering our exclusive Big Guns Secret Power Flex System Workout DVD for the discount price of just $21 (not including shipping)

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**The Exclusive No Limits Club! (Monthly Membership)

The No Limits Club membership

Hunter Fitness founder & CEO Jake Hunter enlisted the help of his top Senior Trainers to put together the best exclusive monthly coaching club in existence! Only the BEST tips, secrets and cutting-edge information is freely given away to all members of this elite and private club – and every member gets direct access to Jake and his team for all their questions, at any time.

Custom and specialized workout plans are designed each month for all 3 levels of fitness – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

Also included are detailed menus for every meal of the month, recipes, bonus book downloads, demonstration videos, huge member discounts on Hunter Fitness catalog items and so much more! Total cost for 24/7 access to Jake’s No Limits Club ‘locker room’ is only $19/month which can be canceled at anytime – no contracts!

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